X-Wing Miniatures Capital Ships

X-Wing Miniatures - X-Wing Escort

Per FFG: “Not final product. Pending licensor approval.”

Earlier this week, the Empire got a boost to their forces in the form of the upcoming Imperial Aces expansion to the X-Wing Miniatures game. Now it’s time for some big news for the Rebels, some really big news: capital ships.

Fantasy Flight Games has announced the first two capital ships to be added to the game (tentatively in “early 2014”) and released some details regarding the ships, the new play styles that they introduce, and their approach to scale in the X-Wing Miniatures game.

GR-75 Rebel Transport and X-Wing Escort

The iconic rebel transport, the GR-75, did the heavy lifting when the rebels abandoned Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back. The massive ship will have multiple damage decks to track hits to different sections of its hull. The ship comes with new ship cards, upgrades, and missions and sounds as if it will be able to perform supporting actions to your squad thanks to “frequency jammers.”

An escort X-Wing with a new paint scheme accompanies the Rebel capital ship. Better still, the X-Wing includes new pilots and, among them, none other than Jek Porkins. Go ahead, read that sentence again. I’ll wait.

X-Wing Miniatures - GR-75 Transport

Per FFG: “Not final product. Pending licensor approval.”


CR90 Corvette, Tantive IV

The first ship we ever see in Star Wars is the Tantive IV as it comes under attack by a star destroyer. The distinctive corvette is even larger than the GR-75 medium transport and boasts powerful laser batteries that one expects from a capital ship. Crew cards with the capital ships even mean that Leia Organa can be aboard the ship!

As with the the transport, the CR90 includes various new missions and cards but does not come with an escort. This vessel dwarfs fighters and, frankly, probably doesn’t need one!

X-Wing Miniatures - CR90 Corvette

Per FFG: “Not final product. Pending licensor approval.”


New X-Wing Miniatures Play Format

Now before everyone shouts that “the scale is wrong,” consider Fantasy Flight Games’ approach. The goal was to add more iconic ships to the X-Wing Miniatures game. Making capital ships true to scale with the fighters (which are 1/270th) would mean the vessels would be absurdly large (so you couldn’t actually maneuver them on the tabletop) and also prohibitively expensive to produce. The goal was to produce a relative scale that struck a balance between playability and presence on the table.

The impact that these ships will have on the game also requires the creation of a new tournament style. The standard format will continue to exist, but a new Epic tournament play will allow the creation of larger formations that can incorporate these new capital ships. Also, these ships lend themselves to mission-focused play and a new Cinematic Play is being added to create scenarios that can be played as stand-alone battles or interlinked to present a more strategic depth to your games.

X-Wing Miniatures - capital ships

Per FFG: “Not final product. Pending licensor approval.”


X-Wing Miniatures Wave 4

Fantasy Flight Games took care to state that the GR-75 Rebel Transport and the CR90 Corvette are not replacements for Wave 4. These craft are in addition to whatever surprises that the next wave holds. And let’s not forget the Empire. All this talk of iconic ships seems to be leaving out the most distinctive wedge-shaped ship of all time…

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