Imperial Aces Expansion for X-Wing

Star Wars Imperial Aces expansionFantasy Flight Games has just announced the Imperial Aces expansion for Star Wars: X-Wing. Slated for release in the fourth quarter of 2013 this set includes two TIE Interceptors with custom paint schemes along with a host of new pilots and upgrades.

Loyal supporters of the Empire should go ahead and put this on the top of their wish lists now! Rebels should stop and think long and hard about the life choices that led them to where they are today.

New TIE Interceptors and Imperial Aces

Imperial Aces 181st Imperial Fighter Wing

Click for enlarged, 360 view.

The boxed set delivers a pair of TIE Interceptors in the color schemes of two famous Imperial Squadrons. One shows the bloodstripes earned for ten kills, a common feature among Soontir Fel’s elite 181st Imperial Fighter Wing.

Obviously, the pilot cards not only include the generic, though unmistakably elite, 181st pilot, but also Fel. (Fun fact: Soontir Fel is Wedge Antilles’ brother-in-law. True story.)

Imperial Aces Emperor's Royal Guard

Click for enlarged, 360 view.

The unmistakable crimson of the Emperor’s Royal Guard decorates the other TIE Interceptor. These hand-picked, fanatically loyal protectors of the Emperor fly escort missions alongside his personal shuttle.

Although Carnor Jax could later be accused of delusions of grandeur after the Emperor’s death, his piloting abilities are beyond question and he is one of the Royal Guard pilots included in the Imperial Aces expansion. (If you didn’t see Return of the Jedi, uhm… sorry? *spoiler* The Emperor dies.)

Modifications for Imperial Fighters

Imperial Aces expansion contentsThe Imperial Aces expansion includes two each of six new modifications (a total of twelve cards) including Hull Upgade (increase your hull value by one), Targeting Computer (self-explanatory), and Opportunist (which allows you take stress to roll additional attack dice against a vulnerable target). Plus Royal Guard TIE pilots may take a Title upgrade that allows them to take two modifications instead of the standard one.

The expansion also adds a new scenario, Cutting the Cord, that challenges the Rebel player to destroy a prototype ship that could take away the superiority of Rebel fighters in one on one combat! It’s up to the rebel player to destroy this upgraded ship, but focusing all effort there means neglecting the experimental craft’s escorts, possibly a lethal mistake!

Star Wars: X-Wing at Dropzone Games

Obviously Dropzone Games will be bringing in the Imperial Aces expansion as soon as it is available from Fantasy Flight Games. Look for it in the fourth quarter of this year (which isn’t too far off)! Rebel players should prepare to face some terrifying aces, but who knows? Perhaps there will be a similar Rebel expansion in the near future.

In the meantime, don’t miss out on in-store Star Wars: X-Wing games at the store and be sure to keep your squadrons full of the latest releases. Wave Three is in the store now! Haven’t played Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures? Here’s a look at what you’re missing. Prefer Star Trek? Then Star Trek: Attack Wing is the game for you.


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