Dropzone Games has One Mission!

Dropzone Games

We wanted to create a hobby shop that is about the hobby. Our focus is on enjoying, growing, and sharing the hobby. Dropzone Games is a hobby shop established by gamers and intended for gamers!

We are located in Glen Burnie, Maryland at the site of Games Workshop’s old Battle Bunker, but the space has expanded to be even larger! More games, more tables, more fun!

Dropzone Games Focuses on Your Objectives!

  • Are you a miniatures hobbyist who constantly refines your painting and converting techniques? We have incredible painting and hobby stations for you.
  • Are you a tabletop wargamer looking for a place to do battle? We have 12 tables outfitted with scenery.
  • Are you looking for a Gamer Community to belong to? Dropzone Games is THE place for gamer community!  If you love gaming, you are welcome here!

Dropzone Games Wants You to Join Us!

You’re already a part of the hobby, now be a part of our mission! No matter what your game of choice is -toy soldiers, RPGs, CCGs, or boardgames- you are welcome at Dropzone Games! We are your hobby home-away-from-home, and we’re as excited about games as you.

Stop in and check out our constantly expanding range of manufactuers and games, our range of quality tables and terrain, or look for a quick pick-up or introductory game. And we’re constantly growing, adding more game systems and products, additional gaming space, and even painting and hobby seminars.

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